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Scandinavian boot camp, offers you one of the best training possibilities. 
With diverse classes, lectures and healthy foods – a week of training with us will give you the best start in assisting to change your life.
Booking are to be a minimum of 5 days, all-inclusive which will include meals 
and training.

All ages and fitness levels are considered in every training programs

Training will take place both outside on our grounds and surrounding forests, as well as in our inside gym.

The days will span from yoga, cardio and strength-building, to throwing logs, flipping tyres and pushing prowlers - the variety of training will make the week fun, challenging and inspirational.
All ages and fitness levels are considered in every training programs.

Find out how a boot camp week can look like below!
Fit Man

The Yoga Plus

Sunday 1st June 2025 to Sunday 8th June 2025

Sunday 8th June 2025 to Sunday 15th June 2025

This will be based body and mind fullness. The coach focuses on offering personalized

service to. Include physical postures, breath control, meditation, and ethical principles,

aiming to promote overall well-being and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga is known for its physical and mental health benefits.

The vegan Fitness

Sunday 15th June 2025 to Sunday 22nd June 2025

Sunday 22nd June 2025 to Sunday 29th June 2025

This is to help get your body refreshed with a focus on the dietary plan with plant-based

and organic food. Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles nowadays are very popular,

and the many different positive effects. This boot camp will offer the combination of

fitness training with a vegan detox.

The Boxing fit

Sunday 29th June 2025 to Sunday 6th July 2025

Sunday 6th July 2025 to Sunday 13th July 2025

There are various reasons why people choose a Boxing Fit. Some do it for many reasons,

as they may build self-defense skills increase their condition and physical health,

or because boxing is their passion. Additionally, some people choose boxing for

health reasons, believing that a dietary plan and training more often per day can offer

health benefits.

(High Intesity-Interval-Training)

Sunday 13th July 2025 to Sunday 20th July 2025

Sunday 20th July 2025 to Sunday 27th July 2025

The HIIT workout is popular as a group energy workout when the people train

and for its efficiency in burning calories. HIIT workouts can be adapted to various forms

of exercise, such as running, cycling, jumping, or bodyweight exercises.

The key is to keep the intensity high during the active intervals to elevate your heart rate

and then allow your body to recover before the next intense interval.

Body Focus

Sunday 27th July 2025 to Sunday 3rd August 2025

Sunday 3rd August 2025 to Sunday 10th August 2025

Body Focus is a good work out  for the body with the focus on  Legs Bums and Tombs

for women and for the men’s section development, the most important body parts

are arms chest legs. Discovering the whole-body movement based on increasing the

mobility and flexibility of the Body Focus. 

Cross Fit

Sunday 10th July 2025 to Sunday 17th August 2025

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness training program that combines elements of weightlifting,

cardiovascular exercise, bodyweight movements, and other forms of exercise.

Nowadays is very popular as a lifestyle to develop strength and power of the body and soul,

pushing the limit in the training process is sometimes based on the warrior mindset. 

Weight-loss Challenge

Sunday 17th July 2025 to Sunday 24th August 2025

This challenge is to help you kick start yourself to help you reach your goal.  

The training program will be set for all ages and fitness levels.  Focusing on each persons

personal needs. The  coach will prepares the strict training and meal plan.

The "locked-in" place of stay offers many different activities around.

More focus on the start brings progress and life change after. 

Spinning Fit

Sunday 24th July 2025 to Sunday 31st August 2025

Spinning training. Many different types for the clients make it very interesting and offer

to push their limit in physical condition. The combination of indoor and outdoor

experiences makes it more interesting. Also, regular cycling sessions with the

personal coach will push you to the limit.  There are various reasons why people choose

passions of the Spinning Fit sessions energy and power.

The many different variations of the training focus on whole body and impact effects. 

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