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The Only Health & Fitness Retreat in Swedish Lapland

Image by Vincent Guth

Meet Lapland's Private Wilderness

Ready for a new adventure in the heart of nature?

Escape from the ordinary in Swedish Lapland!

SCANDINAVIAN BOOT CAMP is a place where you focus on yourself:

- to relax, re-invent and invest in your health, both physically and mentally.

The remoteness and quietness of Kardis village, the untouched forests, the raw nature and the slow flowing Torne river - immediately spoke up and created the vision of an exclusive fitness retreat, far away from civilisation, shops, restaurants, bars and other temptations.

Experience a different lifestyle in serenity and peace whilst enjoying some of our activities that come with it - trekking in nature, snowmobile, rein deer visiting, canoe fishing, lunch in nature, campfires, jacuzzi under the stars.

All packs include: accommodation, training, meals, transport to and from the airport

12 Stylish


Rent your own exclusive bedroom. Perfectly crafted by our designers!


3 healthy meals/day included in your package (+ Vegetarian & Vegan)



In/outdoor training (run, stretch, intense classes, boxing, pilates, etc...)


Experience Lapland's wilderness, the quiet forests, the lake, the animals.

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1St juNE – 31St AUGUST
Scandinavian boot camp, offers you one of the best training possibilities. 
With diverse classes, lectures and healthy foods – a week of training with us will give you the best start in changing your life.
Training will take place both outside on our grounds and surrounding forests, as well as in our inside gym.
The days will span from yoga, cardio and strength-building, to throwing logs, flipping tyres and pushing prowlers - the variety of training will make the week fun, challenging and inspirational.
All ages and fitness levels are considered in every training programs.
Find out how a boot camp week can look like below!


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