Meet Lapland's Private Wilderness

Ready for a new adventure in the heart of nature?

Escape from the ordinary in Swedish Lapland!

SCANDINAVIAN BOOT CAMP is a place where you focus on yourself:

- to relax, re-invent and invest in your health, both physically and mentally.

The remoteness and quietness of Kardis village, the untouched forests, the raw nature and the slow flowing Torne river - immediately spoke up and created the vision of an exclusive fitness retreat, far away from civilisation, shops, restaurants, bars and other temptations.

Experience a different lifestyle in serenity and peace whilst enjoying some of our activities that come with it - trekking in nature, snowmobile, rein deer visiting, canoe fishing, lunch in nature, campfires, jacuzzi under the stars.

All packs include: accommodation, training, meals, transport to and from the airport

12 Stylish


Rent your own exclusive bedroom. Perfectly crafted by our designers!


3 healthy meals/day included in your package (+ Vegetarian & Vegan)



In/outdoor training (run, stretch, intense classes, boxing, pilates, etc...)


Experience Lapland's wilderness, the quiet forests, the lake, the animals.

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