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The unique residence, formerly a school building, situated in the small village of Kardis in the Tornedalen area in Swedish Lapland.


With only 12 individually designed rooms – Scandinavian Boot Camp is an all inclusive private resort which offers accommodation, meals, training, lectures and airport transfer in one package.


Only around 70 persons reside there all year round, making the village the perfect retreat for relaxation and mindfulness where you are surrounded by wild yet astonishing nature.


There you can enjoy the beautiful snow, the northern lights and the summer midnight sun, with 24 hours daylight - together with untouched country side and the slow moving Torne river.

Topping all of this, the water supply to the SBC Lodge comes from their very own well, giving crystal clear water at a 7.5 pH. This ranking the water in the likes of Evian and many others.

Quality of life is peace, quietness and restoration.


Welcome to Swedish Lapland!