At Scandinavian Boot Camp we take pride in serving the very best gastronomic food possible – based on prime raw products from the north of Sweden. Not only is it smart to take nature and the environment into consideration when cooking from locally produced products – but you also avoid long, unnecessary food transports.

Modern research about food and health advises us to eat a wide range of different victuals, cooked in healthy ways. The Nordic kitchen gives us just that.

A professional chef, together with a qualified dietician, devises the balanced menu at SBC to offer you the very best nutritional food. We want your body to be able to get the maximum result from the training.

As most people know, training and eating healthily go hand-in-hand. So at a Boot Camp, it’s not all about exercise, but also about changing your lifestyle, when it comes to food as well. Our trainers, chef and dietician will teach campers about nutrition and how to adopt a healthy eating routine, and one that will be easy to keep up once they leave the camp and into the future.

Vegetarian/Vegan foods

The kitchen at SBC caters for all different food vices. As a lot of people today opt for a vegetarian or vegan life style due to health or environmental reasons, Scandinavian Boot Camp see this as a must-have on the menu.

All of the guests will pre-order their meals one month prior to arrival, enabling them to get their menu to suite their preferences, whether it’s lean meat, vegetarian, vegan or gluten/dairy free. There is no problem if you have a dietary or special need – just let us know, our chef will do his utmost to tailor individual dishes to cater for all requirements.

Happy campers will be able to enjoy three meals a day, all prepared and cooked in a wholesome way, with lots of greens and vegetables, lean proteins and good, slow releasing carbohydrates. In addition to that, SBC will offer snack bars and protein shakes. So although there will be no sticky puddings or raspberry jelly for dessert – you will for sure always leave the SBC Resto with a contented stomach.


Banana and kiwi healthy drinks

If you wish to complement the meals at the camp with an extra energising kick, then you better head to the SBC Krush Bar!

Here you can enjoy a wide range of freshly pressed juices, smoothies and healthy shots. All are packed with the nutrients that only 100% pure fresh fruit and vegetables provide. Why not try a “Green Goddess”, with apple, kiwi, lime, pear, spinach and celery? Or cleanse your body with the detox juice “Veggie Green” containing kale, spinach, lime, celery and cucumber?

For the camper who wishes to stick to more original, single juices, there are apple, orange or carrot juice available – to mention but a few.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth then there are still plenty of different choices on the menu. Take the chance to try a “Mango Madness”, “Crushberry Blast” or a classic “Strawberry Cool”.

There will be something for all types of palates!