In order to create food and meals with a professional health aspect, Scandinavian Boot Camp has its very own dietician – Johanna Törmä, who has calculated the different nutrients in everything that is served. A menu that is based on healthy and organically-inspired food from the north gives you the very best nutrition.

Nutritional Science studies how the body breaks food down (catabolism) and repairs and creates cells and tissue (anabolism) – catabolism and anabolism = metabolism. Nutritional Science also examines how the body responds to food. In other words, “Nutritional Science investigates the metabolic and physiological responses of the body to diet”.

As molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics advance, nutrition has become more focused on the steps of biochemical sequences through which substances inside us and other living organisms are transformed from one form to another – metabolism and metabolic pathways.

Johanna is not only a qualified dietician, she also has a Masters Degree in the Philosophy of Food and Nutrition and has been invited to several Universities to lecture, both in Sweden and abroad. Johanna is currently a postgraduate at the University of Uppsala and has also published several journals about nutritional intake, with a focus on elderly people, during her career.