Kardis Village, with its untouched nature, deep forests and exceptional landscape, is situated 50 kms north of the Arctic Circle.

The village only hosts about 110 people residing all year round, but is a very popular and well-loved summer place, where a lot of people have their holiday home.

1997 was the celebration of a 400 year anniversary for Kardis, being one of the oldest villages around the area Tornedalen, the northern part of Lapland. The very first inhabitant of Kardis settled in the village as early as 1596.

The river which runs along the village is called Torne River, and separates Sweden from Finland. If you fancy a swim – then you need to head to Kardis beach. Although it is not for the faint hearted – the water can be pretty chilly!

The nearest larger town to Kardis is Pajala, where you will find shops, food stores, restaurants and petrol stations, but still fairly basic.

The first car to ride the streets of Kardis was an Essex Super Six, back in 1925.