Scandinavian Boot Camp Lapland

The ultimate way to get in shape with outdoor training!

Based in Swedish Lapland – this is Europe’s first purpose-built Boot Camp, located some 50km north of the Arctic Circle. It’s surrounded by stunning natural beauty – majestic forests and Torne River, which separates Sweden from Finland. Here you will train, eat healthily, take part in lectures and experience team building.

At Scandinavian Boot Camp you will change your lifestyle.

The remote location of the boot camp eliminates the temptation of bars, restaurants, shops and nightclubs – enabling you to completely focus on your fitness goal. Attracting visitors not only from Sweden, but also from across the globe – Scandinavian Boot Camp encourages diverse training activities each week, giving a vast range of expertise.

The summer period will allow you to view the Midnight Sun circling the sky above night and day. By not disappearing below the horizon, it will extend your days and give you those extra hours. This amazing experience only occurs north of the Arctic Circle and is truly enjoyed by everyone.

Northern LightsIf you decide to visit the camp during the colder months, Lapland has something very special to show you – the Northern Lights. It is said the solar winds sends charged particles towards the earth and, colliding with the atmosphere, they produce energy given off as light. This happens around 200 nights a year and is visible in the region of northern Lapland on cold, clear nights.

There are plenty of activities to experience in the area – both during summer and winter. In the summer you could enjoy a swim in the Torne River, go cycling or a trek in the forest. In the winter there is snow mobile, husky sledge, cross country skiing and ice fishing to explore.

If you would like to push yourself with that extra gym session, there is also a fully equipped gym inside the building, if it’s too chilly to train outside.

We provide something for everyone – summer or winter. Whether you wish to build muscle, improve your condition or lose that extra bit of weight or if you simply would like to stay at our lodge and enjoy a few days of activities and excellent food.

Scandinavian Boot Camp caters for all ages and fitness levels, with family rooms available upon request. If you have any special requirements or would wish for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at